Nominee Services

Nominal services are applied to protect the identity of the customer by ensuring privacy and confidentiality. E.g. - an individual is hiring another person or business entity to represent him/her.

Financial investments and the assets data are kept safe.

The use of nominee services is a useful tactic to ensure security and manage your business plans without going public. Nominees appear in the documentation of the company, but have no control over it and have no managerial rights. We offer the services of a nominee director or a nominee shareholder.

A nominee director is deployed to prevent disclosure of personal data (such as names, address, passport number, telephone, etc.) and to keep the identity of the real director completely confidential. The nominal owner is representing the actual owner of the company and his role is intended to be used for security and privacy by protecting the personal information of the actual owner of the company. The main advantage of the nominal services is that the identity of the owner remains confidential, but he is fully responsible for the management of his company and decision making.

Nominee directors and nominee shareholders always follow the instructions of the true owner. Our nominee services ensure a high level of privacy and confidentiality, and the management is going easy even from remote locations.

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