1. Royalty of the Commercial Register;
  2. Notary fees;
  3. Service fee;
  4. Accounting - legal advice before registration of the entity;
  5. Preparation of a full package of documents for registration with the Commercial Register;
  6. Submission of the documents package into the Commercial Register office;
  7. Manufacturing the company seal;
Online Request
  1. Preparation of all necessary documents for VAT - Registration;
  2. Submission of the documents into the National Revenue Agency;
  3. Obtaining the VAT - Registration Certificate;
  1. Preparation of the application;
  2. Fee included.
  1. Mailing address;
  2. Tax address;
  3. Address for registration.
  1. Consultation on questions - topical for you;
  2. Business consultancy;
  3. Advice in relation to taxation;
  4. Strategies, planning and debate of ideas.
  1. Interpretation before a notary;
  2. Interpretation before state institutions;
  3. Interpretation before ministries;
  4. Interpretation before banks.

We offer also foreign language translation (written) of your corporate and personal documents. State fees for legalization of official documents is determined by the state institution that certifies the document.

  1. Preparation of documents related to the EU Social Insurance Form A1 and Double Taxation Agreements (DTA) - certificates;
  1. Current accounting;
  2. Preparing payrolls and payment documents for insurance contributions and taxes;
  3. Preparing VAT declarations;
  4. Preparing statistical forms on request of the National Statistical Institute (NSI).
  1. Preparation of Annual Financial Statements;
  2. Submission of annual financial statements in the Registry Agency;
  3. Preparation of Annual Tax Return;
  4. Filing of Annual Tax Return with the National Revenue Agency.
  1. Preparation of a full package of documents required for registration of a change with the Commercial Register;
  2. Submission of the package into the Commercial Register.
  1. Preparation of the contract for transfer of shares and a visit to the notary;
  2. Preparing the whole package of documents required for registration of the change in the Commercial register;
  3. Submission of the package of documents into the Commercial Register.
  1. Fees: for commencement of the liquidation procedure, announcing the invitation to creditors, cancellation of the entity;
  2. Preparation of a full package of documents for registration of the liquidation and invitation to the creditors of the entity;
  3. Preparation of the full package of documents for registration of the cancellation;
  4. Certificate by the National Registry Agency (NRA);
  5. Certificate of National Social Security Institute (NSSi).
  1. Incorporated company;
  2. VAT - registration;
  3. Company seal;
  4. Digital signature;
  5. Certificate of Good Standing.

The Nominee Director's role is not to preserve revealing personal information, but to keep the identity of the real director completely confidential.

The Nominee Owner's role is to provide discretion and confidentiality to protect the identity of the client.

We offer incorporation of offshore companies in some of the most attractive jurisdictions: the Seychelles (Seychelles), the Marshall Islands, Belize, the British Virgin Islands, Panama, Hong Kong, the Bahamas and more. Those locations offer extremely alleviated tax laws or indeed tax exemption.

  1. Ready-made company;
  2. Nominee director – 1 year;
  3. Nominee shareholder – 1 year;
  4. Accounting service – 1 year;
  5. Publication of Annual Tax Return and Annual Financial Statements;
  6. Bank account – e-banking;
  7. Registered office – 1 year;
  1. company formation in Estonia
  2. crypto currency exchange licence in Estonia (including wallet)
  3. nominee services (director and shareholder)
  4. bank account


We also offer numerous other services such as legal registration of joint stock enterprises selling your shares in the company, including shares in an indebted company and more. Further, we can assist you to obtain licenses and permits. We can help to significantly alleviate the tax burden, both in your own country and in Bulgaria. We can also provide all kind of nominee services worldwide. It will be our pleasure to organize your conferences and business meetings by providing space and sound equipment. It is easy to interact with us and we are always ready to consider new ideas and opportunities.

*The price of the Ready-made package does not include the minimum balance per account, fees for issuing bank cards and fees for devices necessary for using the online banking.

We can also assure you that your stay in Sofia will be more than pleasant. We will be more than happy to provide you tips on the best places to visit, the best hotels for accommodation, the best restaurants for dinner and the best ways to have fun in Bulgaria.

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