Frequently Asked Questions

The most important factor in choosing a jurisdiction is to make sure that your company will be established in a country that offers:

  1. Reliable means of communication;
  2. Political and economic stability;
  3. High rating;
  4. Simple corporate laws.

In Bulgaria, we enjoy the above mentioned advantages. However, the right choice of jurisdiction also depends on where you live and the businesses you are running. Our team can help you understand the specifics of the Bulgarian jurisdiction, to be able to decide whether this is the best option for your trade. As a whole, Bulgaria is well known for low taxes, short incorporation process and confidentiality.

Our specialists accrued experience over the course of seven years in advising on registration of companies. During this time we managed to develop a network of service providers, which is incomparably better than those of our competitors. We advise our clients according to the specifics of necessities, taking into account the latest changes in the law. We are one of the most competitive companies in business incorporation, accounting services, sale of shelf companies and supply of nominee services.

The choice is yours which form of payment to select. You can do it in cash at our office or via bank transfer.

The timeframe depends on what services you would like to use. The company will be registered for two days and another two weeks will be required to register for VAT. In a shorter term, you can get acquainted with our nominal services and shelf companies we offer.

Yes, it is even advisable to do so. In the order form, you are asked to enter two names for companies, depending on your preferences. Then we will check in the Trade Register if these names are available for use. If not, we will send you some alternative names. We also have a list of ready-made companies or pre-approved names that we can send to you on request.

The owner is the person who possesses the company through shares. A company can have one or more owners (shareholders). The owner may be a natural or legal person.

The governor is the person in charge for managing the enterprise. His entitlements include signing business contracts, open accounts, etc., while governors are selected by the owner. A company can have one or more directors. The governor can only be a natural person.

Yes, it is often the same person to act as owner and manager.

You do not have to appear in person to open a bank account if you use our nominee services. However, if you wish, we can arrange a personal meeting with managers of the banks we work with.

Yes. We could as well take care of opening a personal account in addition to the account in the name of your company.

Bank fees depend on the amount in your account. As for us, we do not charge additional fees once the account is opened.

We prepare for you a seal with the name and the logo of the company if you choose this option.

Notarization means that a notary will check all the documents we are going to prepare for your company and that he will confirm their authenticity.

Apostille is an internationally recognized certification and legalization of company documents by the government of the jurisdiction where the company was founded.

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